N8UR's Packet Radio Pages

These pages contain information I've put together about packet radio configuration.

Want to make your packet radio station work better? Let's Not Forget Layer One -- Optimizing Packet RF Performance shows why proper setup of your radio/TNC combination is important.

Want to run packet radio on a Linux computer? Linux AX.25 Configuration and Operation will show you how.

You don't need to spend big bucks to go faster than 1200 baud. Here's information on converting Maxon HTs for 9600 baud

Here are the Ohio AMPRNET IP Address Coordination pages.

Over the years, I 've put together several documents and presentations on ham radio topics. Most of them cover packet radio techniques, so you might want to look at Ham Radio Documents by N8UR to see what's available.

Other Packet Radio Links

The primary source for amateur TCP/IP software in general is ftp.ucsd.edu/hamradio/packet/tcpip.

The official version of JNOS lives at pc.louisiana.edu:/pub/ham/jnos.

The home for TNOS is www.lantz.com. You can get directly to the files via ftp using ftp.lantz.com/tnos.

Need information on how to wire up a TNC to a radio? Check out www.packetradio.com/tnc2rad.htm

Southwest Ohio Digital Symposium

The Southwest Ohio Digital Symposium is one of the oldest packet radio events in the country. It's held in Middletown, Ohio every year in late January.