AW: [time-nuts] 5061 Cs frequency shift with long time constant?

John Ackermann N8UR jra at
Wed Apr 6 13:45:57 EDT 2005

Hubert v. Bonhorst wrote:

>I had a look in the February 1973 5061A manual (serial prefix 1248).
>There is a small note on Figure 8-5 wiring diagram stating different
>frequency offsets R6 OPTION 004, 12 M 2E-12, 10M 2 to 3E-12 5M 3 to 4E-12
>If you need a scan of this page, let me know.
>Best regards

My reprint of the manual has an asterisk by R6, but the note isn't there 
(I suspect I have some missing pages).  The schematic around the mode 
switch is a bit of a rat's nest to follow, but it looks like there's 
100k across the 12M R6 in normal mode, while in LTC mode R6 by itself 
works against the 8uF C8.

The note seems only to apply to the high performance tube option.  I 
wonder if it's not called out for standard unit because there's 
something different in the circuit, or just because the shift is within 
spec for the normal tube?  The 2E-12 is pretty similar to what I saw 
when I made the switch.

Could you scan that page for me?  I'd appreciate it.



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