AW: AW: [time-nuts] 5061 Cs frequency shift with long time constant?

John Ackermann N8UR jra at
Wed Apr 6 18:56:49 EDT 2005

Hubert v. Bonhorst wrote:

>Attached pdf is page 8-5 in 2 A4 pages. LTC switch is an extra slide switch
>next to divider start bottom on older units. Function is exactly the same.

Thanks, Hubert.  Another interesting thing from that note is that in 
option 004 (the high performance tube) the normal time constant resistor 
is 900k instead of 100k.  In my second unit, that was the case until 
Corby changed it -- it must originally have had the high performance 
tube.  I need to check what the value of R6 is in that unit, as I'm 
seeing a really, really large shift (at least 5 in 10E-12) when I switch 
it to LTC.

 From all this, I'm guessing that the shift is to be expected in these 
units and doesn't reflect a problem.


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