[time-nuts] Difference between HP 5370A and 5370B

jim_johnson at agilent.com jim_johnson at agilent.com
Thu Apr 14 19:29:04 EDT 2005

Hi David,

   I will check with another guy tomorrow (the last
surviving technician), but one person "in the know" 
has this to say:

What I remember is the input amplifiers are very different. 
As a result, some of the boards and pots and switches associated 
with it are different.
I don't remember any significant differences beside that.
My recommendation for someone buying one through eBay is, whereas 
it is hard to get replacement parts for both, getting parts for 
A is much harder.
Try talking to (xxxxxxx) who is the last surviving technician 
familiar with the product.

   If I find out any more details, I'll post them.  There
are a lot of sharp experimenters out there who may know
the answer and will get it to you before I do.

Jim Johnson
Agilent Laboratories
Palo Alto, CA
jim_johnson at agilent.com

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>Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the above two 
>Does anyone have any operating manuals in electronic format?
>Dr. David Kirkby,

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