[time-nuts] Difference between HP 5370A and 5370B

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Fri Apr 15 18:44:26 EDT 2005

jim_johnson at agilent.com wrote:
> Good questions (firmware rev.)!  Yes, it's not
> clear to me either - I'll have to ask him about
> it again. 


> He has followed this thing throughout
> its lifetime so if anybody would know it would
> be him ... good old xxxxx.  :-) 

Sounds a good guy to know.

That counter sure was a pretty high-spec device in its day. I looked 
today in the Standford Research cataloge and they have the SR620


but I note that has a 25ps single shot capture. I've not looked at the 
current HP (sorry Agilent) specs on this sort of equipment.

> He's gone for
> the weekend so I'll check with him next week.
> The 5370B is now out of support life so I'm not 
> sure what could be done as far as a firmware 
> upgrade by Agilent (HP is out of the picture -
> they do computers, not instruments anymore!).

Seems a shame that Agilent/HP renaming. But I'm sure all the argumentes 
for/against have been said before.

Thanks Jim,
and say thanks to xxxxxx for me too.

Dr. David Kirkby,

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