[time-nuts] Difference between HP 5370A and 5370B

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Apr 15 22:10:22 EDT 2005

David Kirkby wrote:

> Brooke Clarke wrote:
>> Note that some of the HP counters can display a large number of 
>> digits per second when measuring frequency, BUT NOT in time interval 
>> mode.
> I think the 5370A or 5370B can, but without a manual, or an instrument 
> to play with, I really can't say. But I have an instrument on order, 
> and will search for a manual once I know the S/N, as I gather it is 
> critical to get the right manual.
The 5370 is 12 digits in either frequency or TI mode, but of course in 
TI mode it will only use as many digits as it takes to get down to the 
20ps least significant digit.  FWIW, the jitter is typically ~60ps, so 
you can't really count on that 20ps, at least in single shot mode.


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