[time-nuts] Re: Phase noise with a lock-in amplifier.

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Sun Apr 17 12:05:40 EDT 2005

Bill Janssen wrote:

> I have attached excerpts from a  paper presented at a NBS Time and 
> Frequency seminar
> from 1987.
> Don't remember if an attachment is "legal" on this group. If it doesn't 
> go through I will
> try to format a message with the info "in - line".
> Bill K7NOM

I seem to have got some attachment, but a .xif file. I run a Sun 
workstation here, not a PC, and found the browser unable to open it.

It seems to be a form of TIFF file, so I opened it but is there only one 
page? I'm not sure I know what the discriminator does in this case, so I 
  can't follow the method.

Dr. David Kirkby,

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