AW: [time-nuts] homebrew atomic reference oscillator?

Hubert v. Bonhorst hvonbonhorst at
Mon Apr 18 17:35:19 EDT 2005

Probably it is possible to build an atomic frequency reference at home.
First of all you have to decide which type of atomic standard you desire to
construct. Cs, Rb, H2, NH3, etc. active or passive and so on. Now
theoretical construction starts. Afterwards you have to find sources for all
the materials needed. Soon you will end up at the price of a brand new Cs
Standard. The next and most important point to my opinion is will I be able
to finish the project. Do I have the expertise to solve all difficulties
involved. Although it’s a nice idea I doubt the final success. For sure its
possible to improve existing used instruments, but that’s much less work
than engineering a complete instrument. 


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Asking this question just out of curiosity:   Is it at all feasible to home
build an atomic standard?  I guess it would be Rb and not Cs.   What are the
difficulties that would be encountered?


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