[time-nuts] homebrew atomic reference oscillator?

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Tue Apr 19 04:11:35 EDT 2005

Robert Aurand wrote:
> Thanks all for you opinions.   I had never considered hydrogen or ammonia masers as a do-it-yourself project.   Seems like this could keep me busy for quite a while!
> Bob

I don't know about hydrogen or amonia MASERs, but there was an article 
in the "Amateur Scientist" part of "Scientific America" once about how 
to make your own CO2 LASER. I know it used a fire extinguisher for the 
source of CO2!! Given CO2 LASERs are powerful and invisable (wavelength 
= 10.7um), I doubt that sort of thing would be published today for 
amateurs to do!!

The MASER was in fact invented before the LASER and I have some 
reconllection it was an amonia MASER, but I may be wrong on that. Need 
to leave in 5 mins to get a train, so no time to check the web.

 From reading what others have said, I can't help feeling trying to make 
your own Rb or Cs source is a bit of a waste of time really, but then 
one could say the same about doing jigsaw puzzles, only to put htem back 
in the box, yet my Dad loves doing them!!

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