[time-nuts] 2100f lcd display

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed Apr 20 14:42:33 EDT 2005

Hi George,

There are two problems with the 2100 families front panel.  The LCD,
and the keybuttons.  The keybuttons were not properly debounced for the
long haul.  As the switches get older, the bounce time increases and the
keypad logic starts to generate multiple switch entries for each press.
The fix is to replace the two 1uf tantalum caps on the front panel (C5 and C2) with
good quality 2-5uf tantalum caps (ceramic would be better).

The LCD's are just plain defective.  They use pins that are clipped onto the
glass of the LCD, and the connection has degraded over time.  There isn't much
you can do about it.  Sometimes resocketing the LCD will help most of the time
it won't.  I have found that running the unit improves the display, for what it
is worth.  The display should be available somewhere off the shelf, Austron didn't
order it custom.

Also note, there are two different styles of LCD used.  One has a glass front,
and the other has a soft plastic front.  Which is yours? (just press your finger
on the front if the display gets swirly, it is the soft...)


george wrote:
> I just aquired my first Austron 2100F loran frequency monitor via ebay.
> I'm having trouble reading the display.  There is leakage to other
> segments of the display that should normaly be off.
> To be most specific when I enter 8888 from the key pad the other blank
> digits start activating slightly when I enter 88888 all other digits are
> 90% activated.
>  The more segments of the displayed that are active creates more bleed
> over into the unactive segments at a very consistant amount.
> I've believe the problem is in the lcd display itself as I've
> substituted a different cpu/mpu out of my 2100R and the lcd problem
> still exists.
> Has anyone noticed even the slightesd leakage into the other segments
> of  there 2100F's lcd display?
> I believe the ground return pins of the lcd display module itself has
> high resistance or is opening up completely allowing backfeeding from
> other segments.
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