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Wed Apr 20 21:19:30 EDT 2005


I have two 4060's, one like Brooke's and one regular production. Neither 
have degaussing connections inside or out and none of my 4060 manuals 
mention degaussing. My HP 5061's certainly have degaussing provisions.

Take care,
Had, K7MLR

At 06:11 PM 4/20/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Brooke,
>Well, the degausing can even be done using the coil that is used to set
>the offset.  So, I wouldn't be so sure that you don't have a degaussing
>coil built in.
>Brooke Clarke wrote:
>>Hi Chuck:
>>I have one of the many FTS4060/S24 units being sold on 
>>  As far as I can tell these are 
>>stripped of every possible thing that could reduce the price and so I'm 
>>sure there's no built in degaussing capability.
>>But I'm willing to wait out the problem if that's what it is.
>>Brooke Clarke, N6GCE
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