AW: [time-nuts] Cesium DOES Drift, not

Chuck Harris cfharris at
Wed Apr 20 21:31:56 EDT 2005

No, that isn't quite it!  You disconnect the offset magnetic
coil, and connect it to a variac with a series light bulb to limit
the current.  I cannot tell you what size bulb to use, or how much voltage,
as I would have to make some educated guesses.  Make the wrong guess,
and B/O is possible.

I read about the technique somewhere, I just don't recall where.


Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi Chuck:
> OK.  I can set the 3 thumb wheel switches to 999, wait some, then to 000 
> wait some, then to 900 , 100, etc. etc.
> How many steps is reasonable and how long to wait?
> Thanks for that idea.
> Brooke
> Chuck Harris wrote:

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