[time-nuts] My Drifting Cesium Plot

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Apr 24 09:21:18 EDT 2005

Brooke Clarke wrote:

> PS I've attached the pdf plot to see of the listserver will allow it
The listserver is currently set to accept attachments up to 128k in 
size, and it blocks executable filenames (e.g., .com, .exe, .bat, .pif).

I can increase the allowable size if folks want; 128k seemed like a 
reasonable starting point, but it's sure not cast in stone.   We 
currently have 89 subscribers on the list, so from a system load 
perspective I don't want to start blasting 89 copies of a 5MB file, but 
we can certainly compromise somewhere in the middle if the 128k limit is 
too small.

Also, for anyone who doesn't have webspace available, I can offer to 
host large files so group members can download them on demand.


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