[time-nuts] My Drifting Cesium Plot

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun Apr 24 16:31:43 EDT 2005


I added the data from the 2100T Loran-C receiver on top of the GPS 
data.  Note that the LORAN-C receiver has 10 ns minimum increments so 
any data near zero ns is just noise and it has the opposite polarity.  
The 2100T always starts from zero after a power up or re-sync.  (I've 
had two Middletown maintenance shut downs in the past few months).  The 
two equations (GPS and Loran) are very similar:

y = -1.2757x2 + 239.36x - 10186
R2 = 0.9853 based on 4+ weks of data

y = 1.3002x2 - 246.15x + 11654
R2 = 0.9635 based on 2+ weeks of data

with an aging rate for both of -3E-14/day.

The GPS data polarity is arbitary and I have GPS as the T.I. start and 
the 1 MHz Cesium as the stop.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
Cs_Drift0424.pdf  Attached

Brooke Clarke wrote:

> Hi:
> Here's the latest plot.  I've restiched from the right to the left so 
> that the current time interval is the same on this plot as it is on 
> the long plot.  The data older than the discontinuities has now been 
> shifted.  The R squared value has improved a little from 0.96 to 0.98.
> The equations are:
> y = -1.2709x2 + 238.44x - 10142
> R2 = 0.9826
> or -2.9E-14 per day drift
> Have Fun,
> Brooke
> PS I've attached the pdf plot to see of the listserver will allow it
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