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Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
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What cost-conscious modern organization is going to devote
resources to scanning obsolete manuals?

My devious mind thinks it is a way to dry up the competition
that Agilent has with recycled HP equipment. The more complicated
stuff, with microprocessor or logic gate arrays, is useless
without a manual. A 200CD oscillator is transparent to anyone
familiar with vacuum tubes.

And yet, we have a letter saying Manuals Plus can sell HP manuals.
Perhaps they have an arrangement that returns money to Agilent.
That would sound fair to an IP lawyer.

Bill Hawkins

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Just thought I would post a note on what is happening
with websites hosting HP/Agilent manuals.  It seems that
Agilent has decided to rein in on websites that are hosting
copies of HP/Agilent manuals.  They have sent "take-down" notices
to BAMA, and ebay, amoung others.  They seem to be most interested
in the sites that host low quality copies, or are profiting off of
CDs of copies.

There is some skuttlebutt that Agilent is going to put all of the
older manuals up as pdf's on their website...Let's hope that is

But to those who are hosting HP/Agilent manuals, and copies of HP/
Agilent materials, they may be intouch.


Dr. David Kirkby wrote:
> Mike Seguin wrote:
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>> Subject: [time-nuts] Brooks Shera's GPS standard or HP Z3801A??
>>> 6) If one needs to buy a manual on the Z3801A, that will add to its
>>> cost.
>> When I bought mine from BuyLegacy 3 years ago it came with a printed
>> manual... I have since found it as a pdf. I can send the pdf if you like.
>> It's 1MB.

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