[time-nuts] Brooks Shera's GPS standard or HP Z3801A??

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Apr 25 15:47:13 EDT 2005

In message <000801c549ca$7c106d80$b20ff204 at computer>, "Tom Van Baak" writes:
>> Don't forget that a PRS10 Rb from eBay and a Oncore M12+T from
>> synergy-gps.com would be both cheaper and more stable.
>Good point. Has someone posted a Z3801A vs.
>PRS10/M12+ comparison? I have a lot of data
>on the PRS10 but haven't put an M12+ to it yet.

I should add that with an UT+ the sawtooth has a tendency to
throw the PRS10s PLL off kilter, even with the 256 second
averager (because the sawtooth does not necessairly average
out to zero in that timeinterval).

Even then, the PRS10+M12+T is by far the best bang for the
buck I can think off.

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