[time-nuts] phase noise book

Jeffrey Pawlan jpawlan at pawlan.com
Mon Apr 25 20:22:20 EDT 2005

It has been several years.....

As I recall, I had several discussions about this with both Ulrich Rohde and
later with Fred Walls (formerly the head the NIST phase noise labs). I think the
errors we found were related to the calculation of the sideband phase noise
and/or the use of a single cw carrier to calibrate a phase noise measurement
system. I postulated that the close-in phase noise of the upper and lower
sidebands were in fact fully correlated based on my measurements.  Fred Walls
published a paper to that effect in the IEEE UFFS Proceedings and only gave me
credit as a "thank you for the discussions with Jeffrey Pawlan" rather than
inclusion as an author.


Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL

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