[time-nuts] Q: HP-IB / 5370A pdfs

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Apr 25 21:01:43 EDT 2005

> >As the proud new owner of a 5370A, a couple of requests of the list:
> >
> >1) What do you use/recommend for an HP-IB/IEEE-488 interface for
> a PC? (PCI bus). It looks like these things go for more than I
> paid for the 5370A! Linux compatibility?
> >
> >
> I use the linux-gpib drivers and library with good success (within
> reason...).  The PCI bus cards are pricey, but if you still have an ISA
> bus machine around, the NI or HP cards go for a song on eBay, and ISA is
> plenty fast enough for the stuff we're doing.

If you're willing to stick with Win9x, DOS, or Linux.  The ISA cards aren't
supported under XP or Win2K, and they will not work in the next PC you buy
or build, because ISA slots have gone the way of the S-100 bus.

I do like the idea of using the RS-232 dongles whenever/wherever they are
adequate for the job.  But if you want to use NI hardware under Windows, be
sure to check http://www.ni.com/support/gpib/versions.htm before doing any
heavy bidding.

-- john KE5FX

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