[time-nuts] What are people paying for Stanford PRS10 rubidium standards?

David Andersen dga+ at cs.cmu.edu
Tue Apr 26 20:12:28 EDT 2005

On Apr 26, 2005, at 7:55 PM, David Kirkby wrote:

> Just interested how much people have paid for them. At the minute 
> there are several on eBay at $475 from the one seller. Is that a 
> typical price, or am I likely to do a bit better than that if I wait?

It's probably reasonable.  It's not a steal.  Unfortunately for you, 
that seller (glossa7) knows what s/he's doing.   I've bid against him 
on several items, and he typically bids immediately at a reasonable 
price level on the items.  It was very frustrating when I was buying 
old HP counters to strip out their oscillators.  People kept wanting to 
actually pay a reasonable price for them...

You probably won't regret paying $475 - they're about 3x that new - but 
it's on the edge of what I'd pay for a surplus Rb oscillator.  On the 
bright side, that seller _does_ seem to know what he's doing, and I've 
seen him on ebay for a long time, so I'd believe him when he says that 
the oscillator is working perfectly.

If I saw one for $300 or less, I'd snap it up immediatley.  (anyone 
selling? :)


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