[time-nuts] What are people paying for Stanford PRS10 rubidium standards?

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Wed Apr 27 06:22:36 EDT 2005

In message <426F665F.1020305 at onetel.net>, David Kirkby writes:

>> Not so.  It just means that there are a lot of people I don't buy from.
>> Most of my measurement equipment comes from eBay, and so far I've not been
>> disappointed because I set my expectations reasonably.
>But a worst case is that someone will just not deliver the goods, or 
>give you a load of rubbish - perhaps a load of bricks!!

In which case I made sure I didn't bid more than I could afford to

It's all about aligning your expectations with reality.  You can
be incredibly lucky on ebay, but the other end of the scale is not
to be unlucky, it is to be naïve or even stupid.

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