[time-nuts] rubidium standard caveats?

Geoff Horner geoff_h at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 16 06:01:52 EDT 2005


Frequency Electronics Inc (FEI) didn't answer any of my requests for
technical information. I tried a number of different offices. I would check
first, what technical info is available on any unit you bid on.

 I did achieve what I wanted with some excellent help from some members of
this group on the FEI unit I bought from e-bay.


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> hi folks.
> i intend to buy a used rubidium standard (10MHz preferrably), probably off
> of e-bay.
> a few questions for you gurus:  any models that are especially winning?
> models i should avoid?  other caveats?
> thanks,
> christopher.
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