[time-nuts] HP K34-59991A, patents

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Wed Feb 2 12:08:23 EST 2005

Patents are easy to look up and in some cases they
contain a lot more detail than marketing literature or
even op/svc manuals. I've archived a hundred of time
& frequency related patents over the years.

Here's the one for the K34-59991A:

A nice one on the internals of a cesium tube:

And the FTS cesium peak auto-lock algorithm patent:

I'll upload the whole collection if there's interest.


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> Tom, why doesn't it surprise me that you would know the patent number!
> Daun Yeagley
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> > The manager who hired me at HP in 1979, Mike Fischer, invented the
> > circuit in that phase comparator.  You can read his patent if
> > you are interested in the theory of it.  (No, I don't have the
> > patent #).
> >
> > Rick Karlquist
> 4,282,482

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