[time-nuts] Administrivia: Please check your posting address

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Thu Feb 17 08:09:45 EST 2005

Hi All --

Sorry for the intrusion, but there have been several postings lately 
from folks who are subscribed to the list, but are posting from an email 
address different than their subscribed address.

The list is set up to allow postings only from subscribed addresses.  In 
other words, if you subscribed with an alias address like 
"bobsmith at ieee.org" but post from your real address, your posting won't 
be accepted.  This is an important defense against spammers.

If you need to post from one address while reading messages from another 
account, you can subscribe to the list under both addresses, and in the 
web options set your preferences so that messages are not sent to the 
posting address (ie, it's "receive only").

I get notified of these postings, and if they look legit, I pass them on 
to the list.  But it would be better if you check your settings to make 
sure you're posting from the same address that you used to subscribe to 
the list.



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