[time-nuts] FW: Bulletin C number 30

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Tue Jul 5 18:25:02 EDT 2005

Mike S said,

"No, it isn't."

This reminded me of something I saw in Monty Python's "All
the Words" Volume 2 called "The Argument Clinic." John
Cleese is Mr Vibrating, of the clinic.

Man - Look this isn't an argument.
Mr Vibrating - Yes it is.
Man - No it isn't, it's just contradiction.
Mr Vibrating - No it isn't.
Man - Yes it is.
Mr Vibrating - It is not.
Man - It is. You just contradicted me.
Mr Vibrating - No I didn't.
Man - Ooh, you did!
Mr Vibrating - No, no, no, no, no.
Man - You did, just then.
Mr Vibrating - No, nonsense!
Man - Oh, look this is futile.
Mr Vibrating - No it isn't.

Yours for less,
Bill Hawkins

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