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After sleeping on it I think what I'm getting at is that the company now 
called HP has nothing to do with the company that built the Clocks and 
Time & Frequency equipment that Tom has posted.  I have had emails from 
people who were trying to contact the new HP with questions about test 
equipment because they did not know that the test equipment was made by 
a company now called Agilent.  The tech support people at the new HP 
don't know about Agilent.  Agilent continues to have a Time and 
Frequency operation in Santa Clara, California. 

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Brian Kirby wrote:

> Brooke wrote:
> The HP name went to the Computer & Imaging part of the companybecause 
> they needed the brand recognition much more than the instrument 
> customers. The company now called Agilent is really the 
> instrumentcompany founded by Dave and Bill.
> Rex wrote:  I still think that was a bad idea. Look what a great job 
> she did with
> the new HP after that. I found it a sacrilege that the original part of
> the HP company that started everthing was banished from using the HP
> name.
> Brian writes:  Note that the stock went up a little bit when she was 
> sacked !  My son passed me an on line comment about it,  
> http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/05/03/wo/wo_delio030405.asp
> I think it should be listed as the former HP (now the Agilent 
> Company).  Should make all the lawyers happy !
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