[time-nuts] GPS Timing receivers

Had had at to-way.com
Thu Oct 6 18:19:10 EDT 2005


John A and I had a short antenna email earlier today, mostly about the fact 
that both of the GPS antennas we were using died.

I asked a question about certain "commercial" antennas which included the 
Timing 2000, HP 58532A and the Datum 2640NW/DE, as to wether there were any 
opinions as to which is the better timing antenna. Neither of us has much 
of an idea, do you have any thoughts?


>It depends very much on the application. Sometimes
>evaluations include things like weight, size, power
>requirements, acquisition time, price, TRAIM quality,
>temperature coefficient, etc. But plain 1PPS is a good
>start since it is the key feature that distinguishes a
>GPS timing receiver from a normal GPS receiver.
>Then there are a host of issues with evaluating
>antennas, which although not part of the GPS
>receiver, can be important to the quality of the
>1PPS you are measuring.

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