[time-nuts] GPS timing receivers

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Tue Oct 25 13:09:46 EDT 2005

Hi Michelangelo:

The LORAN-C Timing receivers (Austron 2100T) have a 1 PPS input becasue 
the LORAN-C system can not be used to set a clock so the 1 PPS input is 
used to mark the top of a second.

Which GPS receiver has a 1 PPS input?

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TwoSpades wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>Two questions about GPS timing receivers:
>1) Why most timing receivers have a 1pps input?
>    For what they use that input signal?
>2) Are there some connections between timing receivers and geodetic receivers?
>I'm looking forward an expert on Timing Receivers with whom to exchange ideas.
>Thanks, Michelangelo.
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