[time-nuts] GPS timing receivers

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Tue Oct 25 20:40:24 EDT 2005

The guys at Reelektronika also have a modern receiver.


Even if it seems more focused on navigation than time/freq.



"James Maynard" <james.h.maynard at usa.net> writes:

> Or see the Locus receivers, they are multi-chain.
> I inquired about their CsSync 1030 with H-field antenna, and found it
> beyond my means: USD $6000 :(

>> Very few LORAN-C receivers are multi-chain.

>> I belive the Austron 5000M was multi-chain (and took a PDP/11 ?)

>> Megapulse have some multi-chain receivers as well.

>> I don't think I've seen any other.

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