[time-nuts] connection info for HP hockey puck oscillator E1938-60207

Stan Searing stans at sycard.com
Wed Oct 26 12:10:06 EDT 2005

  I have a couple of these interesting shaped oscillators
and was wondering if anyone has a manual, specs, or even
just the pinout of the 25 pin D connector.  I'd like to
fire one up and see how it does.

  I'm new to this list.  By way of introduction, I'm
inexplicably interested in old HP Nixie tube (and earlier)
frequency counters.  I have collected about 40 counters
and eventually would like to put up a web page on them.
(And somehow that got me collecting standards and clocks, too...)

  On the hockey puck subject, I have a few extra of the
old Motorola 5 Volt GPS antennas.  I occasionally put them on
eBay, but since they were mentioned a couple weeks ago in this
list as being good for timing, I thought I'd mention that I'd
sell or trade directly (I hope this isn't out of line).  They
came with some old Magnavox GPS Engines (maybe model 900578-801-5).
I have no connection info on these.  If these big old GPSs have
any particular value or are easy to use, let me know.

  Lastly, my old Tracor 527A does not work on it's most sensitive
range.  If someone has a spare manual or a copy available,
please let me know.


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