[time-nuts] 10811D's on eBay

Jack Hudler jack at hudler.org
Wed Dec 6 15:53:08 EST 2006

Another GPSDO for me OR....
It's easy to add a Web Server (PINK) to a Parallax Javelin (or Basic) stamp

So I think I'll start an NTP server project... why? Cause my NTS100 will end of
life itself by 2010 due to a firmware issue (If I recall, please correct me if
I'm wrong or you've managed to burn a bunch of EEPROMS with the new firmware).

Think it would be a very neat little project!

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I'm assuming you are referring to the person selling all those
10811-60155's? I bought one in the first go-round, still waiting it to
arrive. I also bought a 10811-60105 for $25 (best offer) that someone posted
recently. :)

Has yours arrived yet?

I'm still debating what to do with them, I might put one in my 5328A for a
while, and use the other for a GPSDO.

> Anyone else besides me pick up one of these yet?
> I'd be interested in what you found.
> Thanks,
> Jack

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