[time-nuts] Surplus Guidelines, was: Rubidium Standard

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Mon Dec 11 01:13:59 EST 2006

At 10:30 PM -0600 12/10/06, Scott Newell wrote:
>At 02:39 PM 12/10/2006 -0700, David Forbes wrote:
>>I'm no expert at these devices, but here's what I've learned in the last
>>The Ball/Efratom FRK is the oldest design that's commonly available.
>Where does the M-100 fall, relative to the FRK and FRS?  (My M-100 has a
>1990 date code.)
>newell  N5TNL


The M100 is a ruggedized military version of the FRK - a rather old 
design but easy to work on since it's so big.

I think that 1990 is a reasonable age, but there are folks who work 
on these things for a living that could tell you their failure 
mechanisms way better than I could.

--David Forbes, Tucson, AZ

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