[time-nuts] Looking for QST Jan 1990 Article on Crystal S, Q & R testing By DeMaw

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Brooke -

In that case why do not just use a signal generator like an 8640B with the
crystal in series with the hot lead and then the other side of the crystal
terminated in 1K or so. Then you can put a scope across the 1K resistor and
watch the scope as you tune across the suspected resonant frequency. I have
done this a lot when I was not sure of the crystal frequency, or, if it was
working or not. Real simple to do. If all else fails, I am sure I have the
QST you mentioned, and could scan the relevant pages for you. I also have a
military crystal activity meter that does do a full characterization, but,
it is big and bulky, and, I hardly ever use it. 73 & Merry Christmas - Mike 

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I'm looking for  the subject article on crystal testing, or any other 
articles on testing crystals.
This is more related to knowing if a given crystal is alive than 
characterizing it, i.e. a Crystal Activity Meter type thing.

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