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That's probably true. The original GT and UT receivers were identical
physically, but they can both be loaded with any version of GT+ or UT+
firmware. The UT+ hardware is slightly different in that Motorola added
a ceramic filter to the front end for better selectivity. As with the
original UT and GT, The UT+ and GT+ don't care what type of firmware is
loaded. The only concern is that if you squirted GT+ firmware into a UT+
platform you would lose the RTCM input as the UT+ PC board didn't have
this clad. In hindsight it's probably a good thing as the differential
performance of the Motorola Nav receivers was always way too jumpy.

The common hardware platform did reappear with the M12+ receivers. All
M12+/M12M receivers are identical physically (not counting the
battery/no battery option). How they operate is entirely code dependent.



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>Oooooooh. Did you have the original UT v1.3 firmware in that one? That 
>firmware sucked big time.

Roger that.

The interesting thing is that as a result of me jumping on Motorola, I
ended up with what I think is GT hardware with UT+ firmware (or some

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