[time-nuts] LUCENT RFTG-m-RB

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Mon Dec 25 10:22:07 EST 2006

> Here are two GPS disciplined standards, not sure if they are Rb.

Those are the XO units, but they do have the GPS in them, as you can see the
antenna connector (looks like a TNC). 

The other person selling all the RBs is also selling the RFTG-M-XO (same as
you linked to) only about 5 popped up recently and I think only 1 is
currently left, for like $180 BIN.

I was thinking about getting one of the XO's, but I'm going to hold out
until I get my RB and see what can be done with it by itself. I'm hopeful
that either the RB can lock onto a PPS via the DB9, or a 10 MHz input. Worst
case it could be removed from the lucent module and used by itself.

Also to reply to someone else in this thread - I've signed up on the Lucent
website but waiting for verification (manual process) before I can do
anything. If I get any documentation I will be sure to let you guys know.


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