[time-nuts] Looking for TCXO data

Gerald Molenkamp geraldm at iprimus.com.au
Sat Dec 30 03:50:45 EST 2006

Hi Rob,

I came up with the same results, but no links to data. Most hits are selling 
surplus stock.

I did spent 2 hours trolling through many sites hoping to pick up something.

Thanks for looking.


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> Gerald,
> I did a search on Google using  OC2545DT-1000  (excluded Murata) and found 
> a
> lot of results, although all seem to be companies selling product. There 
> may
> be a link or a further contact if you dig deeper.
> Rob
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> I recently picked up a TCXO from Murata, part No. OC2545DT-1000. I assume 
> it
> is a 1MHx XO. Quite small in size fully sealed square metal case, with 8
> pins arranged as 2 sets of 3 pins and 2 single pins.
> Would anyone have any data, even just pin-outs for the device as pictured.
> Did a google and nothing.
> Happy new year to all.
> Gerald
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