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best close-in phase noise in a quartz crystal.  It was once desribed to =
as having the lowest "quartz-to-crud-ratio" since the elctrodes are not
plated on to the quartz.  A limiting factor can be that less RF power =
can be
coupled through the crystal due to the series capacitance effect of the
spaced elctordes. Close-in noise is great but far-out noise could be =
than typical SC-cut plated xtal due to S/N effects with a lower xtal =

Maybe someone here on this list with more first hand experience can give =
more details about the subject.

-Brian, WA1ZMS

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> The PDF says that nothing contacts the crystal, which implies=20
> capacitive coupling. Interesting.
> Oscilloquartz is part of the Swatch group. It has been in the business =

> of time synchronization for more than 20 years. All that I could learn =

> from their web site is that they are proud of their BVA crystal=20
> technology, which was announced in 1982.
> Does anyone know anything about the technology?
> Hans, is it possible that you are associated with Oscilloquartz?
> Regards,
> Bill Hawkins
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