[time-nuts] Rcvrs/xmtrs that can slave to frequency standards

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Sun Feb 5 17:05:43 EST 2006

I discover that I am in posession of a WJ-8716 which happens to have a
BNC on the back for an external 1MHz reference. I also have a Z3801A
that makes 10MHz. Is it as simple as turning the 10MHz PECL into TTL,
dividing by ten (e.g. 7490), and feeding this into the WJ-8716?

The WJ-8716's internal frequency standard is already pretty good
(at the very low ppm level from turn-on through warm-up) but I still
want to give this a try.

What other common (that is, consumer or floating around on the surplus
market from the past couple decades) rcvrs/xmtrs/transceivers can be
slaved to external frequency standards?

Any potential evil (phase noise?) that may come about from using a
junkbox 7490 divider? Does most equipment care whether I do the divide-
by-five first and then the divide-by-two, or are they happy with the funky
waveform out of the divide-by-five?


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