[time-nuts] M12T and M12M

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Thu Jun 15 04:40:50 EDT 2006

In message <20060615.101811.786000956.cfmd at bredband.net>, Magnus Danielson writ

>> Is there logic (that I'm missing) to what seems like such an odd frequency?
>Hint: 16 x 1023000 = 16368000 Hz
>1,023 MHz match the chipping rate of C/A code. Perfect match is not the end of
>the world since you need to compensate for doppler and deviations.
>The actual frequency 16367000 is however a bit strange since it is

When you discipline signals and clocks the way it's done in a GPS
receiver you can save yourself quite a bit of code for keeping
proper track of the sign by choosing a clock which is always on the
low (or if you prefer: high) side of the ideal.

Given that the spikes in the (corrected) PPS on the Oncore UT were
related to just such a sign bug, I'm not surprised Motorola did
this for the M12 family.

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