[time-nuts] 5371A CRT problem

Steve Krull steve-krull at cox.net
Fri Jun 23 12:50:33 EDT 2006

After a few weeks of inactivity, I recently powered up my HP 5371A and discovered the display is not working. Everything else is working, and I can print the results that normally appear on-screen.

I've checked the supply voltages to the CRT driver card A17, and the horizontal sync, vertical sync, and video signals are all present going into A17. I can see the CRT filament glowing. Next step is to check the CRT anode voltage, and the deflection signals at the CRT pins. Does anyone have an idea what they should be?

The service manual skips any circuit description or schematic of A17 and says if the CRT circuits are suspect, replace the A17 CRT Driver Board and CRT as an assembly. That assembly is no longer available, and would certainly not have been available at a hobbyist price at any rate.

If I can't come up with a schematic, my choices are to look for a parts unit, or bite the bullet and go GPIB. Does anyone know of a parts unit available?


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