[time-nuts] Manual for Sulzer 5A and Lucent Rubidium Reference Oscillator

Radio Engineer wr4t at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 10:48:11 EDT 2006

I picked up a Sulzer 5A at Dayton this year, it powers up and the 5 MHz output looks close to spec,  but the 1 MHz, and 100KHz divider start intermittantly, quit and don't restart.
  Does anyone on the list have a manual for the 5A?
  I also have a several Rubidium Timming Modules from an obsolete Lucent TDMA base station  (RFG-RB),  has anyone fired one of these up before?  They have an Efratom Can on the motherboard, it is an OEM device I have not seen in their catalogs before.  I am trying to track down documentation on these as well.  If documentation is available and  I can get these running will probably drag these out ot the Hamfests in the Cincinnati area.
  T.R. Stoner  WR4T

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