[time-nuts] Time Interval measure mesurements

Bruce Lanning blanning at acadia.net
Mon Jun 26 17:11:18 EDT 2006

Hi John, Thanks for the prompt reply. I am Measuring the 10 MHz with the 
counter set at .1usec. The display says us. I just turned the setup on again 
and now I get gust the count every time the time base opens. It reads 
between .0 and .4. I trust this helps you John. Give me your phone # and a 
good time to call and I will call you.

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> Bruce Lanning wrote:
>> I am trying to compare my Freq, Std, HP-Z3801A GPS Receiver, to my home 
>> brew
>> Freq Std. using my Freq. counter, a HP-5245L with a Time Interval Unit
>> (HP-5262A) Plug in. Can someone help me. My counter Time Base opens about
>> 6-8 times and then gives me a reading like 1,345,000.1 My problem is the 
>> 6
>> to 8 times that the Time Base opens and then the reading like the one I 
>> get.
>> The manual on the counter and the Time Interval Unit give me no 
>> information.
>> Can one of you Time-Nuts out there tell me what is going on or is my Time
>> Interval Unit defective?
>> Bruce W1GBS
> Bruce, can you give a little more detail about the measurement setup?
> In particular, are you measuring 1pps or 10MHz, and what mode is the
> counter set to?  Which signal is hooked up to what input?  Is there any
> indication on the display of what the units are?
> John
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