[time-nuts] Linear Interpolator

Brooks Shera ebs at wildblue.net
Fri Jun 30 17:54:05 EDT 2006

Inspired by Ulrich's lead regarding the high resolution TDC, I asked the 
Acam US rep for a quote on the TDC GP2. As Ulrich indicated they are not too 
expensive:  $28 quantity 1, $26 quantity 10. Sounds great.   Temperature 
coefficient isn't quoted but it will be considerable - presumably can be 
corrected in software.

For me the catch seems to be that they are packaged in a QFN-32.   The pin 
spacing is 500 microns and the open space between the solder pads is only 
200 microns.  Perhaps I am too timid but this sounds like trouble for manual 
soldering, that's assuming the low cost PCB suppliers could make the 
appropriate solder mask.  Any comments from the experienced?

Acam makes a dandy evaluation board, the ATMD-GPX, but for this they want 
$2298.   Oh well.


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Hi Stephan,

if you need a ps resolution time interval counter for use in a project
of your own, why not simply go out and buy you one? For example here


They are not that expensive because they are made to be married with
cheap sensors.

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