[time-nuts] Odetics/Zyfer NTPSync + Compact PCI....

Rob Kimberley time.bandit at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 23 06:40:57 EST 2006


1) I have just put another new NTPSync on EBay (item #9702414305). Made
circa 1999/2000 S/N 3810006-9951. Unit has the CMC 12 channel GPS Smart
Antenna, 100 ft cable, RS-232/422 adapter, 230VAC power pack and manual.

This is being sold as a new item, but original packing lost. 

Surplus to my requirements, but hope it goes to a good home. If you have any
questions, please let me know.

2) Also have some Compact PCI timing cards from Odetics/Zyfer. This line
product sold back to KSI, and then recently to Spectracom.

Qty 1  TC-20 (Zyfer P/N) same as TPRO-cPCI (KSI P/N) - IRIG input cards

Qty 2 GPS-20 (Zyfer P/N) same as TSAT-cPCI (KSI P/N) - GPS cards using the
12 channel CMC smart antenna as used in the NTPSync above.

There was no driver software issued with these cards, but manuals provided
details on registry addresses etc. 

They are new, but I have no way of checking them out to confirm operation (I
like to test everything before I sell it!!).

If you believe there may be an interest in these cards, I'll stick them on


Rob Kimberley

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