[time-nuts] Some frequency equipment you might be intereted in

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I'd be interested in the HP 117A. What price range are you looking for?


Joe Landers
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I have three pieces of equipment that I would like to sell. Since they all
relate to the frequency world, I figured I would offer them to our group
here first before I hit the internet with them. If you have interest in
either unit, please send me an email off list and I will send you a complete
description and photos or a URL to look at the photos.

1.    HP 117A without an antenna. I have tested it per the manual and it

2.    Video distribution amp that works great as a Frequency distribution
amplifier with 80 outputs. 

3.    Frequency Distribution amp including 1PPS. It has no brand name on it,
looks like a module that was built for the military. It actually takes a
5Mhz input and gives you 2- 5Mhz out, 2- 100Mhz out and 10- 10Mhz out. If
you also put a 1PPS into it, it will givve you 4 of the 1PPS outputs. I
don't have a schematic on it but I have traced out a lot of the circuit and
have a pretty good description of what it does I can send anyone interested.

Thanks, Chuck

Please send emails to service at frequencystandards.com

Chuck Norton
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Colorado Springs, CO. 80909-5068
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