[time-nuts] manuals

buehl buehl at superlink.net
Fri Mar 10 16:28:47 EST 2006


Good links.
Now, does anyone have links, or probes for the TEK 1230/ 1220 analyzers?  I 
forgot to list originally.

Thanks again,

At 09:52 AM 3/10/2006, you wrote:
>Got to http://cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/08565-90014.pdf and you 
>can download the ops & service manual for the 8565A. It starts out with 
>the installation notes for an attenuator upgrade, but scroll down in the 
>file and you'll find the ops and service info.
>The ops and service manual is downloadable at 
>I have a couple of 1240's and a 1241, but no probes.

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