[time-nuts] Wavecrest DTS-2070C

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Thu Mar 16 15:54:32 EST 2006

Hello Masamichi-san,
yes, changing the 100MHz to be an input should be as simple as unplugging  
the SMA cable from the OCXO, unplugging the SMA cable from the rear panel 100MHz 
 connector, and plugging the input cable to the unit to the rear panel  
Of course this input is probably not ESD or overload protected  since  it was 
designed for an internal connection, so you would need to be carefull not  to 
damage it, and to meet the power output of the Vectron OCXO etc. Also, the  
Vectron part has extremely low jitter (about 2.7ns on my unit), so your HP  
source needs to be as good as well to have the unit meet specs.
I have seen the DTS instruments a couple of times a year on Ebay. Cheapest  
one was $400, someone wanted >$10K.
One I bought was broken and service is very expensive or impossible, so  make 
sure you have the seller do the internal and external calibration before  you 
bid, and have him send you a picture of the LCD showing "Calibration done"  
(versus "Calibration Failed"). Doing the cal only takes about 5-10min, and is  
very easy to do since it is automated.

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