[time-nuts] Scope Clock

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Fri Aug 3 10:18:08 EDT 2007

In a message dated 03/08/2007 15:11:29 GMT Daylight Time, didier at cox.net  

I think  you mean "Most *analog* scopes can be used in X-Y display mode". I
have not  looked closely, but I do not remember seeing X-Y mode on a DSO,
even though  I am sure the high end models support it.

Hi Didier
Jan, who makes the clock, did say that it would work ok with better DSOs  but 
not very well with cheaper ones so I guess that supports your comment.
You're quite right though, I was just thinking of analogue scopes:-)


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