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You could go on the HP reflector to see if anyone can help. However, Agilent
has about 90% of all of the old HP manuals (operating/service) in the
archives on their web site. They also have most of the old app. notes. There
is a wealth of information there. No doubt you will find it there. - Mike

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I tried it with a DSO scope in XY mode a while back (7201? - can't recall
the model, but it's 3-4 years old.)  
After some playing about with the controls, it worked acceptably.  The
general problem with it was getting rid of 
retrace artifacts.  I think the scaling/loading resistors recommended in the
article would have helped, but I 
didn't try this with the digital scope.  

Speaking of XY, I picked up an HP 1332A XY display.  I suspect it is in need
of work and I'll need some info on 
interfacing to it...  Does anyone have a schematic or service info on this


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