[time-nuts] FS Tracor Rx and Antenna

Doug Millar dougnhelen at moonlink.net
Wed Aug 8 20:33:26 EDT 2007

	I have available an unusual unit. It is a Tracor 900A VLF/LF 
comparator with manual and Fluke whip antenna/preamp.
	The receiver is unusual in that it tunes 10-25khz and 60-75khz. it 
has a chart paper output and Vdc. and takes a 1mhz comparison 
input.  It is 1991 vintage so the solid state parts are quite modern. 
The whip is a Fluke model 207-1-450 base/preamp that takes a CB whip 
or similar and covers the range.
       Cord, manual, comparator, Fluke base, and paper for $400 plus shipping.
	Doug Millar
	Long Beach, Ca. 90806

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