[time-nuts] GOES. to GPS converter antenna....is there really one?

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Fri Aug 10 01:02:24 EDT 2007

> I've googl'd my hand off trying to find one for a
> Kinemetrics 468-DC  (GOES clock).
> There is a usenet topic, saying there is one, and a
> time-nut topic saying it's by TrueTime, called a G2G.
> But I can't find a thing.
> What is the real scoop here ?
> =Randy=

Yes, there was a Truetime G2G product at one time. I've tested
one and it works fine. I wonder if it was a customer-requested
special, created for GOES receiver sites that didn't have a clear
view to the east or west GOES satellite. It doesn't simulate the
GOES RF signal per-se. Instead it modulates the return IF as if
it were the GOES east timecode. The date& time comes from
GPS time. Perhaps an old-timer from Truetime could tell us the
motivation behind the G2G. I'm guessing not many were made.

For a photo see:



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